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 Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, I want to thank you for agreeing to write a story for me. I love all these fandoms, and would be happy to receive a story for any of them.

 Since we probably don’t know each other, here are some notes which might be helpful. If you already have a story idea in mind, then go for it, but these notes might be useful if you need some ideas.

First of all, I’ll share some of my general likes and dislikes. Some of my likes include: banter, humour, and hopeful endings. Generally speaking, I don’t like darkfic (although I’m willing to make an exception for Ragnarok-centred futurefic for Eight Days of Luke). I also don’t like reading fics where sex is the point of the story, although if a sex-scene is important for plot reasons or blends well with the rest of the story, I don’t mind so much. Generally, I just don’t like reading explicit sex scenes, and prefer that things don't go past kissing.

Here are some specific notes about the fandoms (and characters) I’ve chosen:

The Wicked + The Divine (Lucifer, Laura): 

 I freaking love Luci, okay. She is awesome. I’m interested in seeing Luci and Laura interactions, whether they’re femslash or gen. While I’d happily see other characters as well, if you want (it’s up to you) I absolutely want to see Luci and Laura. I love Luci’s sheer magnificence, her charisma, her tendency to monologue and the sheer force of her personality. In Laura’s case, I appreciate her fascination with Luci and the other pop idols/gods. I like the way that although some of her decisions can be seen as stupid or short-sighted, she has the drive to go for what she wants. Additionally, I like the fact that her actions and attitude ring true for a seventeen year old girl who wants to escape the monotony for something better. Also, I enjoy the musical references.


Archer’s Goon (Howard Sykes, Awful Sykes):

I love Howard and Awful (also Erskine, Hathaway, and Torquil). Their brother/sister dynamic is amusing. Things I like in this fandom include: a)  Howard wanting to make sure that he and Awful don’t grow up to be like Shine, Archer and the others;  b) futurefic with Howard and Awful grown-up (or Awful as a terrible teenager). But I’m happy with anything really, as long as it has Howard and Awful in it.


Eight Days of Luke (Luke, David Allard):

Do not want to see slash of Luke and David. Generally I don’t mind slash, but I just don’t ship those two. Basically anything else goes. This fandom is also the one fandom where I don’t mind seeing Ragnarok-centred darkfic, if you want to go there, although I’m just as pleased to see happy fic. It's up to you.


I hope this letter helps. Good luck!

Your recipient, TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel (on AO3)



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